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Hunting in France

L’exercice de la chasse pour les Français ou les étrangers non-résidents en France et titulaires d’un permis de chasser ou d’un document administratif en tenant lieu délivré à l’étranger est soumis aux mêmes conditions de validation que pour les Français résidents.

To ensure that no difficulties arise during your stay in France, here are the main basic rules that are to be observed (this list is not comprehensive) :



When in hunting action, you must always carry with you :

  • Your hunting licence or the equivalent administrative document, granted in your home country.
  • Your validation form for the current hunting season, issued by a « Fédération Départementale des Chasseurs » (local Hunting Federation).
  • Your Insurance Form, proving that you subscribed a Civil Liability Insurance ("Assurance Responsabilité Civile ") with an Insurer enabled to sell, on the French territory, specific insurance against hunting risks.

These three documents are mandatory to avoid being fined or sanctioned according to the existing regulations and/or legislation.

Besides, do not forget when hunting :

  • Your « European Firerarm Pass »,
  • Your « European Pet Passport », if you go hunting with your dog or with your ferret, which must be identified and vaccinated against rage.



Legislation on weapons and ammunitions may not be the same in France than in your home country.

Therefore, you should basically know that :
In all circumstances :

  • Only weapons classified in the 5th category, can be entered and used on the French territory, with a « European Firerarm Pass. »
  • Handguns and pump-action guns are strictly forbidden when hunting.
  • Use of : leads inferior to number 1, or of a silencer, is also strictly prohibited, as well as night vision systems.

Important : during transportation, weapons must either be unloaded and put into a protective case, or items have to be separated (to avoid transportation of the gun in one piece). Ammunitions must also be carried separately.



Some species are protected by a total hunting ban. Any shooting arising from a mistake in their identification is liable to be severely sanctioned by Law.

Other species can be hunted within specific regulations, adapted to the hunting seasons, the type of territory and the species.

Regarding opening and closing dates as well as the enforceable legal rules, you can consult the hunting agenda at the local townhouse.

Be also aware that to bring trophies out of France you must comply with specific regulations.

For an exhaustive update about hunting rules and regulations, you can reach the « Fédération départementale des chasseurs » of your departmental (local) hunting area.



To "see and be seen" are mandatory rules for your own safety as well as for other’s.

Before shooting, you must always clearly identify the species.

For big game, the rule is that the shooting must always be directed toward the ground, never upwards.

If you need some more information on any of these topics, please contact the « Fédération Départementale des Chasseurs » of your departmental (local) hunting area or a gunsmith, who will be able to provide you with all specific information.

We wish you an excellent hunting stay in France !